Collection: Crystal Pencil

Produce a school of small fish with outstanding flight distance, strength, and clear body.
It is effective not only to be thrown toward the offshore nabla with its long-distance castability as a weapon, but also to be used as a search bait that can search for migratory fish by long-distance cast even in places where the nabla is not standing.
Although it is a sinking body, its performance is top water.
Anyone can easily produce a small fish that floats up by reeling and runs away while shaking the surface of the water even if it is just rolled.
A penetrating wire with a wire diameter of 1.4 mm is used, the ring uses # 5, and the hook uses a thick shaft # 2, so it can handle unexpected big things without problems.
Please enjoy the real thrill of the top game where the target blue fish breaks the surface of the water.
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